Completed projects in film, tv, documentaries, advertising and photography

As in almost every activity, every new project is a new challenge, a new experience, a new story that involves many aspects, feelings, difficulties and satisfactions. They are all different and we learn something from all of them, what is certain is that these experiences help us more and more to provide solutions in the future.

Of whatever nationality, with a big budget or a limited one, a highly planned project or a more spontaneous one, we all want the same thing in the end: to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion and to meet all expectations with the hope of obtaining the expected success. What is certain is that we are proud and grateful to those who choose us to be part of their projects

Here we present examples of our work in films, documentaries, television, advertising, photo shoots and making-of.

HASTA EL CIELO – Feature film

Director: Daniel Calparsoro
Director of Photography: Josu Incháustegui
Production: Vaca Films, Televisión Española (TVE), Movistar+, Telemadrid, ICAA
Release: 2020

LOS EUROPEOS – Feature film

Director: Víctor García León
Director of Photography: Eva Díaz
Production: A Contraluz Films, Apache Films, Gonita, In Vivo Films
Release: 2020

EL BUZO – Feature film

Director: Günter Schwaiger
Director of Photography: David Azcano
Production: Günter Schwaiger Film Produktion, EXTRA-Film Arbeitsgemeinschaft Film & Video GmH
Release: 2019

UN VERANO EN IBIZA – Feature film

Director: Arnaud Lemort
Director of Photography: Philippe Bourgueil
Production: Atelier de Production, Gaumont, Grupo Salvaje.
Release: 2019



Report for the creation of the IFC:  Canacosmi
Web content: Canacosmi
Web design: Lovetheweb
Published: 2015


AMNESÍE – Feature film

Director:  Barbet Schroeder
Director of Photography: Luciano Tovoli
Production: Les Films du Losange – Vega Film
Release: 2015

Imagen proyecto Jappeloup Canacosmi Ibiza

JAPPELOUP – Feature film

Director: Christian Duguay
Director of Photography: Ronald Plante
Production: Phate  - Accajou Films – Meñakoz Films
Release: 2013

Imagen proyecto Loving Ibiza Canacosmi Ibiza

LOVING IBIZA – Feature film

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Director of Photography: Maarten van Keller
Production: 2 Houses - Eyebiza Film
Release: 2013

Imagen proyecto Hermans passie voor eten Canacosmi Ibiza


Herman de Blijker
Tv: RTL4 Netherlands
Production: RTL Productions – Canacosmi

Imagen proyecto Visa Credit Card Canacosmi Ibiza

VISA CREDIT CARD – Advertising

Production: Pink Rabit – Eyebiza Film
Release: 2013

Imagen proyecto El Sueño de Baobab Canacosmi Ibiza


Director: Laura Hernández Manonellas
Production: Canacosmi Produccions
Release: 2010

Imagen proyecto Bus Palladium Canacosmi Ibiza

BUS PALLADIUM – Feature film

Director: Christopher Thompson
Director of Photography: Rémy Chevrin
Production: LGM Productions
Release: 2010

Imagen proyecto Ukuli Canacosmi Ibiza

UKULI – Documentary

Director: María José Cardona
Production: Canacosmi Produccions
Release: 2010

Imagen proyecto Out of Point Canacosmi Ibiza

OUT OF POINT – Making of

Poto: Xavi Ferrer
Art direction: Mauri Gosalvez
Production: Canacosmi Produccions